• Create rich sonic worlds with sound design, tweaking and manipulation of audio.

  • Make musical experiences with traditional sounds and fresh hybrid elements that captivate the audience while also adapting to the changes in the picture.

  • Polish and sweeten pre-existing audio to be the cleanest and strongest it can be.



Music is the last creative addition to a film that can dramatically alter the story. Because of this, we make sure the audio experience we provide is one of a kind. We guarantee that our product will never be the same twice.



Music Composition

We composed this piece for a dramatic film with highly complex views on love, passion, relationships, and romance.

Sound Design

We created the animated asound design in this commercial for the Hungarian National Lottery.

Commercial Music

This piece was composed for Pebble Watches successful Kickstarter Campaign which received over $12 million in funding from over 66,000 backers.

Location Sound Recording

We recorded Henry Rollins at Capitol Records for “The Sound of Vinyl“.

Video Game Music and Audio: Razed

We created the music and sound design for this game.


Music takes the vibrations of the universe and embeds them into our souls.