AI and Computer Learning in Music Composition

AI and Computer Learning serve a few purposes in music. The most valuable aspect of AI in music composition is the creative tool. AI is able to generate new ideas seamlessly and quickly without having a creative battery that a human does. In a fast paced and highly creative environment such as music composition is, having a creative partner help brainstorm ideas quickly is essential for a speedier process and a lightened load on the human composer. AI is not a tool to replace composers as much as it is a tool to assist composers and creatives to be more effective.


I Wonder

This is a piece inspired by the wonder of nature. Track generated with AI and reorchestrated, added notes and melody lines by me.

Epic Cinematic Trailer

I wrote the violin solo over this track as well as mocked-up and reorchestrated the AI composition by AIVA.

Tango 136

Just did a really quick mockup test of a Tango AIVA made for me earlier. I mocked up some added parts and changed some instruments.  

Tango 161

This piece I completely reorchestrated and recorded several instruments for it while also mocking it up.