Pebble Core, Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2

Client: Pebble

See the Kickstarter at

50 Years of Metals Fabrication Company

Client: Metals Fabrication Company

We created the music for this video to help celebrate the 50 years of Metals Fabrication Company.

Verizon Super Bowl Ident

Client: Verizon

Composed music to launch the new Verizon go90 app for streaming.

Hecla Mining Company-125th Anniversary

Client: Hecla Mining Company in collaboration with Helveticka

Composed music for Hecla Mining Company's 125th anniversary promotional video.


Composed music for's launch.


Client: Go Fly Up

Composed music for a campaign to inspire young inventors, innovators, and students of life to create flying machines.