Never Stop

Client: Chad Eschman

The music in this film is reflective hallucinogenic drugs and the perception of reality. The score begins relatively intact, and notes change pitch, start to drop the deeper we get into hallucinogenics.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 11.17.32 AM.JPG

Misty Romance

Client: Louisa Grams 

This love theme takes flight between a young man and woman. 


Client: Bazelevs

A peasant boy takes us through an adventure in a Medieval world. From slaying dragons to winning the hearts of princesses, we go on this glorious journey.

Photographic Memory Opening Titles

Client: Dustin Clingan

We created this piece to reflect a vivid memory and taking the motifs from the film Photographic Memory into one theme.


Client: Luke Smithers and Jordan Stein

This piece is a reflection of the character Ruth who escapes from a controlling and abusive home life in order to find herself in the woods. From the film Bless This Home.


We created this piece to help tell a scary story. In 1943, a train loses traction outside of Warsaw after a mysterious event still unexplained. Chaos ensues as we move through a non-linear bed of discordant, disturbing noise and take a cacaphonic dance to our death.


The Battle Is Lost

Client: Jeff Postlethwaite, Michael Welch (Twilight), Adam Wood (Emmy Award Winning Editor), and Tim Arasheben (Transformers, 300, The Dark Knight)

Two military men connect near the end of a failing war.

Live Jazz

Client: Carl Mickens

A NYC Jazz band plays live at a trendy club.

Action - Airplane Battle

Client: Leon Labyk

Airplanes Battle in the air to protect the world from total destruction.

Animated Shorts

Client: Ringling