Photographic Memory Opening Titles

Client: Dustin Clingan

We created this piece to reflect a vivid memory and taking the motifs from the film Photographic Memory into one theme.

Dark Romance

We composed this piece for a short film with romance, sadness, separation and prison. The emotion behind this piece has a sense of sexuality, sensuality, longing (the couple had been separated for 5 years), sadness, and loneliness.


Client: Luke Smithers and Jordan Stein

This piece is a reflection of the character Ruth who escapes from a controlling and abusive home life in order to find herself in the woods. From the film Bless This Home.


We created this piece to help tell a scary story. In 1943, a train loses traction outside of Warsaw after a mysterious event still unexplained. Chaos ensues as we move through a non-linear bed of discordant, disturbing noise and take a cacaphonic dance to our death.


Misty Romance

Client: Louisa Grams 

This love theme takes flight between a young man and woman. 

The Battle Is Lost

Client: Jeff Postlethwaite, Michael Welch (Twilight), Adam Wood (Emmy Award Winning Editor), and Tim Arasheben (Transformers, 300, The Dark Knight)

Two military men connect near the end of a failing war.


Client: Bazelevs

A peasant boy takes us through an adventure in a Medieval world. From slaying dragons to winning the hearts of princesses, we go on this glorious journey.

Live Jazz

Client: Carl Mickens

A NYC Jazz band plays live at a trendy club.

Action - Airplane Battle

Client: Leon Labyk

Airplanes Battle in the air to protect the world from total destruction.

Animated Shorts

Client: Ringling